Difference between Comercial soap and Handmade soap.

Difference between Comercial soap and Handmade soap.


Comercial soap and Handmade soaps have many differences between them,

One would be comercial soaps take out the glycerine (humectant) from their soap to sell it to other beauty industry to make  expensive cosmetic products.

So if you ever feel your skin irritated, dry or even itchy now you know why the glicerina has been extracted from the soap.

Some comercial soaps hace SLS

(Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which most dermatologies say not to use on skin because it the dark to irritate the skin. SLS is used in household products specially for cleaning floors, carpets and other surfaces.


Handmade soaps in a good note keeps the glycerin witch is a natural humectant for the skin. There is NO SLS in handmade soaps that would irritate the skin. Handmade products moisturizes the skin and humectant.


Now you know make the right choice on your SOAPS 🥰




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